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In these eight video lessons, you’ll discover why many believers’ prayers never get answered and how to pray God-centered prayers that will get answered! You’ll also see learn about “Cause Me” prayers that will keep you from “robbing God of His glory” while at the same time, realizing different ways God is answering your prayers without you even knowing it! Also uncover the terrifying reality that some of your answered prayers can actually take you AWAY from God. Finally, you’ll also learn six reasons why God sometimes says “Wait” and four reasons why He says “No” in response to prayer. They’re absolutely free. Check them out!


Giving Prayer A Second Chance

Lesson 1
Self Centered Prayers

Lesson 2
God-Centered Prayers

Lesson 3
Your Blank Check

Lesson 4
The Purpose of Prayer
"Cause Me" Prayers

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 4.jpg

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Lesson 5
How God Blesses You

Lesson 6
"Beware in Prayer"

Lesson 7
Six Reasons
Why God Says "Wait"

Lesson 8
Four Reasons
Why God Says "No"

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Lesson 6.jpg
Lesson 8.jpg