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about_us.jpgBob Sjogren and David Bilby each have a passion to reflect God’s glory in every area of their lives and to inspire others to do the same. They realize the necessity of prayer in radiating God's glory on a daily basis.

For years, Bob was frustrated with trying to cram prayer, time in the Word, and a workout into his busy morning schedule. He began to wonder "Why not put my prayers in MP3 form and listen to them while I exercise?" The idea continued to develop and Bob shared his vision with David.

David loved the idea, and provided the technical expertise to make it happen. The name "Prayer to Go" emerged as they realized it's applications were endless.

Bob, founder of UnveilinGlory, and his wife Debby have four children, Luke, Elise, Abby, and Hunter. They live with their cats and dogs in Mechanicsville, VA.

David and his wife Diana live in Vancouver, WA with their two children, Kenton and Meagan.