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Thank you for coming to the “Rate the Prayers” section. You will note that there are more prayer categories listed here than there are on the opening page. This is because there are more prayers that you can add to your iPod than simply those on the opening page. Please take time to listen to and rate them and download the additional prayers you think will be helpful to you!



Prayers Rating Listen
01. The Weekend
Lord, when I come to a weekend. I feel like I should catch up on homework, have fun, but mainly rest. And so many times I’m not thinking of You-or others-during the weekend. It’s MY time. But Father, Sunday is supposed to be a Sabbath, it’s supposed to be Your day, a day to focus on You, but, I’ve stayed up so late so many nights I feel like I need to skip church just this once to get some sleep. Oh, God, discipline me to not only go to church, but to set aside time just to reflect on You. I need undistracted time to give you the pressures of life, the worry of studies and work, the anxiety of loneliness & peer pressures and the crunch of financial concerns and enjoy your grace. Help me to make time for You in this coming week.

02. Returning to SchoolTop Rated Bookmark 
God, this is a new’s time to start over. I’ve already had some victories in school, but I’ve also got some unhealed wounds. And once again I sense new pressures. As if I did not already have enough on my plate. I feel almost as if I’m responsible to prove myself to the world; to show that I can become successful. Help me to see Your joy in all of this and give me courage as I walk down new intimidating paths. Lord, make my academic tasks more than just hurdles to clear may they be invitations to grow; professionally, and personally. But most of all in You strengthen me for this new start.

03. Praise and WorshipTop Rated Bookmark 
Father God, I’m so busy with classes I feel I don’t have time for worship. I can sense Your spirit stirring...wanting me to trust You to fit consistent worship into my schedule. You value me. You want my relationship with You to grow. Your love and grace compel me to praise You. Make me set aside time solely for this purpose. But also see that worship is in all. Let me taste that deeper joy which refreshingly has nothing to do with performance, but everything to do with You.

04. DepressionTop Rated Bookmark 
God, My heart can feel so heavy. There are times when I feel so depressed. I feel isolated from my family and friends. I even feel isolated from You. Where are You then, God? Show me Your love. I want to be filled with Your life again. Lord, I need to experience You and Your joy. Sustain me through this time and walk with me. I know by faith You still love me, but I desperately need to experience it once more.

05. PurityTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, there are times in my life, when my hormones drive me. I give in to the temptation. I know what is right and wrong; I’ve been there, done that, number of times, got the T-shirt. I know I shouldn’t let the things of this world pressure me. But sometimes I feel so helpless and vulnerable that I can’t seem to find a reason to say ’’no’’. And Father, people on campus know me to be a believer. I don’t want them to see me. I want them to see You and You alone. How can I witness to others about your love, your power and Your strength when I fall into temptation. Please Lord, keep me from sinning and give me friends to keep me and hold me accountable.

06. Uncertain FutureTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, Your word tells me that You have a plan and a future for me on this Earth; a plan and a future focused on bringing You fame and glory. I know that in my head. I remind myself constantly, but yet it seems so far away from my heart. Help me God, to know that I’m being led by You through these college years of doubt, failure, and self-criticism. You know where I’ve been, and You care about where I am going. It is Your hand which guides me through this lonely time. My future is about bringing You glory and fame, and building Your reputation, not mine.

07. Tough DecisionsTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord Jesus, I feel like I am playing a video game with one crises after another flying In my face, coming at me rapid fire, demanding that decision be made now my courses, my majors, my friends, my relationships, my money, my job, my roommate. How much time can I give to You in all of this and still be a good student? Jesus please shed light on these confusing paths. Show me the way you want me to go. Help me to slow things down so I can gain some perspective and make the decisions that You want me to make.

08. God All Around YouTop Rated Bookmark 
God, help me to learn about You from my professors today. There lectures don’t just give me a grade and eventually a diploma; they should be revealing your glory to me. My mentors don’t just help me think through difficult problems, they should be showing me Your wisdom. Even hanging out with my friends should challenge me to become more like You. My time here is not simply about graduating with a degree, so I can then go out and get a career. You are in charge of everything in my life, those professors, those friends, those mentors, even the trees, the sunsets, the food here, my classes. They are not here by accident. You want me to see all of these things and learn from them. I want to grow in wisdom, insight, and knowledge. Do not let me rush through these college years without seeing You and Your glory in every detail of my life.

09. Tests, Midterms and Finals
Holy is Your name, Oh God. Therefore, everything you do, and have me do is Holy. And just as you tested Your children the Israelites, so too do you allow me to go through tests, not only spiritual tests, but tests, midterms and finals here in college. As much of a pain as these things are, Lord enable me to see they are from You. You are all that I need. Help me prepare for these tests that you have for me this year. Protect me from my wandering mind. Keep distractions as far away from me as possible.

10. JusticeTop Rated Bookmark 
God, there’s injustice all around the world, in our nation, in this city, even on this very campus. It frustrates me when I see it and I want to do something about it. I know that You love it when people do what is right. I know that it pleases you when the poor are ministered to; it pleases you when the lonely have a friend; it pleases you when the homeless are fed and You’d rather me miss a question on a test than cheat. As I pray thy will be done, train me to do what is right; to meet the needs of the poor in their struggles for survival; to help those who are defenseless and to rescue the needy in their struggles for life. Lord, what I am trying to say is just help me to find opportunities in my everyday life to do what is right. I don’t want to find the easy way out like most people I see.

11. Coming HomeTop Rated Bookmark 
Dearest Lord, break is right around the corner, but I’ve been living as an independent adult while going to school, and I know it’s going to feel strange to go home. I’ve changed, my family’s changed, and the family dynamics have changed, school isn’t really my home, but now home isn’t as comfortable as I remembered it. Lord, You have warned me how easy it is to fall into the trap that life is all about the dangerous two letter word, ’’m’’ ’’e’’, me. I’ve gotten so used to doing things the way I wanted to do them. Lord, I confess that I have made a world surrounding my everyday need, causing my heart attitude to be self-centered. Father, forgive me, reveal to me how to be more of a blessing to my parents, siblings, and friends. Teach me to be more like Christ at home.

12. Dating
Lord, I am constantly bombarded with temptations to spend my time dating rather than studying. I have never had so many opportunities to go out on so many dates. But I also haven’t been tempted to date so many non-Christians either. When I was home, I listened to my parents’ warnings to keep my standards high and only date Christians, but here there it is difficult to discern between those who are sincerely passionate about you and those who are just playing the ’’Christian game.’’ Lord, I need help determining your standard for dating. Give me ears to hear your still small voice even in the midst of all of the drama and peer pressure here at school. Grant me the courage to apply the words you speak, especially to submit to your will about my dating life. Almighty God, my soul’s desire is to honor you with my life.

13. Church LifeTop Rated Bookmark 
God in heaven, you know how hard I work during the week, my schedule being overloaded and how I don’t get enough sleep. Is it okay to sleep in on Sunday morning? I mean You’ve even said , the Sabbath is the day of rest, right? Lord, it’s getting harder to get motivated to get up early on the weekends. Yes, I know life doesn’t revolve around my schedule and my needs. May you become my centerpiece in my life, instead of my own so-called important agenda. Show me how to manage my time for studying, work, recreation, and rest, so when Sunday morning comes, I am refreshed and my heart is prepared to come before Your throne.

14. Time ManagementTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, it is so easy to get distracted at school. Now that I have the freedom to go to class or not, I struggle with skipping class. There are so many choices of what to do with my time. The freedom to just hang around, join clubs, all of this is so tempting. But also have the complete freedom to be irresponsible like forgetting my assignments or not submitting them on time. I thought I could breeze through homework like I did in high school, but it is not working out the way I thought. God help me to exercise more discipline and self-control in my life. Lord, may this life you have given me portray a heart earnestly seeking to honor you with every thought, every word, and every action. This time it’s all yours. Lord God, I completely surrender.

15. A SpouseTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, where’s the person you have for me to marry? It feels like I have less than 4 years to find my special someone, my soul mate. How will I find them? What happens if by the time I graduate I have not found the person of my dreams? I don’t want to be single. I know in my head, I must be willing to say like Jesus, ’’not my will but yours be done.’’ So Lord, as painful as it is to give up my hopes and dreams, I submit to your will for my life and my future. If you want me to be single, I will be single. If you want me to wait Lord, I will wait.

16. Roommate relationshipsTop Rated Bookmark 
God, I need help with living with my roommate. I thought we would make a great pair, at first, but somehow living with each other hasn’t been lhow I pictured it would be. It feels as if we are just co-existing in the same room, not having a deep relationship or even friendship. Lord, show me how to be willing to invest in our relationship. Cause me to desire to be a blessing to my roommate and remind me more often to pray for their relationship with you.

17. HomesickTop Rated Bookmark 
God, there are times when I really like being away from home and here in college. But, other times, I really miss being at home with my family. I miss the special relationships with my parents and with my siblings, even the small things we would do. I miss how much my parents encouraged me and were there for me when I had problems. I miss how my siblings and I would joke around the supper table. Sometimes I am lonely here, but I guess this is to be expected. God, please help me to remember that I am not alone and never will be because you are always with me. Cause my joy and my peace to be in you, but when I am not, thank you Lord, for holding me in your palm and gently supporting my shaky shoulders, as I cry at those times of feeling homesick.

18. Stumbling blockTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, I know you want me to be a witness and an example to others, especially concerning Friday and Saturday night parties. I know how important it is to not be a stumbling block to my other friends. I know I can go to a party and not drink, yet I have friends who can’t handle that. Show me how to be sensitive to my friends, but not compromise my standards for you. Help me to be willing to deny myself for the sake of others.

19. ServingTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, sometimes I feel like college is all about me. Open my eyes to the opportunities around me to serve others on campus. I don’t just want to serve because I need the credit on my transcript or to finish a degree, but I truly want a servant’s heart. Help me to put aside my selfishness and be willing to reach out to others and show them the love of Christ.

20. StressTop Rated Bookmark 
Father, some days I feel like I am going to have a melt-down. It is so much pressure to get my assignments done, do group projects, study my notes, go to the library, and study for exams. I have to make good grades to keep up my scholarship or to get into a grad school. Some of these guys don’t study half as much as I do, and do great. I am studying all the time and I’m afraid I may fail. God, your word says I can ask you for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Help me to place my burdens, anxieties and fears at your feet. I will place my faith and trust in you because you are the author and finisher of my life and you will carry out the plan you have for me. My confidence is in you.

21. My world
Lord, while I’m in college there are days that I feel like I am in a bubble from the rest of the world. My focus is on school, projects, hanging out with my friends, and my world. I forget there is a world out there and there are people who need You. Father, cause me to have a hunger to pray for unbelievers to come to Christ and to pray for those ministries that are about Your work.

22. Prayer
Father, when I was home it was easy to remember to pray for others and for different ministries and missionaries. But here, I can be so self-centered. Lord, cause me to take time to pray for missionaries and other ministries that are making a difference for your kingdom and glory.

23. StrugglesTop Rated Bookmark 
God, I admit that sometimes it is hard to keep my focus on you and to keep my relationship with you as my number one priority. You are the Lord of my life. Don’t let me forget that and crowd you out. Keep me centered on You.

24. Freedom
Lord, when I left home to come to college, I was looking forward to freedom. Freedom from restrictions, freedom from my parents, freedom to do what I wanted to do. However, I have come to realize that true freedom means freedom to be who I am in You. My liberty is because of what You have done in my life. Lord, you have set me free from a life of sin. You paid for my freedom. Help me to live everyday as unto you.

25. Deception
God, I can quickly be sucked into so many worldly and secular activities, philosophies, and theories. There is constant bombardment against my faith. I need your Holy Spirit to bring back to my memory the foundations of my faith and what I believe. Please don’t let me deceived by the enemy to compromising the truth to fit in. Help me fight the deception by staying grounded in the truth of your word. Your word and the Holy Spirit will keep me strong and help me to win the battle of truth.

26. WorshipTop Rated Bookmark 
Before time began, before there was a creation, even before you created mankind, You were the Lord. You are the Lord of everything. You are the Lord of my life. You are the Lord of my college years. You are the Lord of my future and I choose to worship You. I worship You, Father God. I exalt You, Holy God. I long for You and Your holiness. Please continue to transform my life so that I will completely reflect Your awesome holiness. Conform me to who You are.

27. WorshipTop Rated Bookmark 
King of kings, I adore You. I delight in You. Right this minute four living creatures are flying around you crying, ’’Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!’’ I join them and worship right now. You have no sin; You never have a reason to hide. I, on the other hand, am full of sin and guilt. I deserve Your wrath and death; separation from You. But You saved me and redeemed me to Your glory. What a gift! Your perfection and sacrifice redeemed my soul. You didn’t have to, yet You did. You have adopted me. Thank You for making me a child of God. I choose to live for you.

28. Faith to ActionTop Rated Bookmark 
God, I know that I was born in a nation that is blessed with food, wealth, opportunity, and power... Use this nation, Lord, for Your glory; we have been blessed to be a blessing. And now Father, for the very first time, I am a voting citizen, a thinking participant. Don’t let me take this lightly or neglect it. My one vote counts. I can literally help change the future of this country. I don’t want to worry about which party I belong to. I want to vote the way you want me to.

29. Future Job?Top Rated Bookmark 
Dear God, it’s so easy to worry about my future. Will I get a good job? Will I be happy in my job? Maybe I won’t be happy, should I change majors now? Should I stay here an extra year? The future can seem so uncertain! Teach me to trust in you. Cause me to realize that you do have plans for my future. And that even though I graduate in a certain major, it doesn’t mean you are going to keep me in that major or that you can’t use me elsewhere. You already know where you want me to work and who my future boss will be. Lord, I need to completely trust in Your plans. Give me a peace about Your future for my life.

30. PeaceTop Rated Bookmark 
Why do You stand so far away, O God, from this world that seems ready to blow itself into complete destruction? Why do You wait so long to bring a spirit of unity among the world leaders? Put our hearts to rest, God, You hold the future in Your hand. Make us faithful. Jesus is the only way to peace. May we understand this O God, for the glory of your name.

31. Delighting in God
God, I have lots of dreams; things I want to do; places I want to go; how I want my life to count. In Psalm 37:4 you say, ’’Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.’’ Cause me to delight in YOU more than anyone else or anything else, and then fulfill my dreams. Jesus, I need and want YOU, and you alone and may your desires become my desires.

32. Holiness
Lord, Your word tells me that I am holy. Most of the time, I don’t feel like it. A lot of time, I don’t act it. When I am in my dorm, my friends don’t always see me reflect your holiness. But if you see it that way, it must be that way. In 1 Peter 1:15-16, you say,’’ Be holy in all your behavior because it is written, ’You shall be holy for I am holy.’’ Cause me to live a holy life in every thought, in every every area of my life.

33. Being a WitnessTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, I need people in my life who don’t know you. Don’t let me have only Christian friends on campus. I want to share my life and faith with others who aren’t believers. I want to shine your light to all around me, believers and non-believers alike. Allow thee people to come into my life for Your glory.

34. Pleasing Others
God, I should not live to please others. Sometimes, I catch myself trying to impress others and other times, I find that I’m afraid of someone’s disapproval, so I change the way I speak or act to avoid it. Cause me to live not to please others, but only to please you; to live for an audience of one.

35. Self- ImageTop Rated Bookmark 
Father, help me to realize that the clothes I wear or the things I have or the shape of my body isn’t what measures me as a person. I get so caught up with what my classmates are wearing, or trying to impress my dates, or struggling to be that perfect shape that I lose sight of what really matters. The truth is, what makes me a person is my character and my knowledge of You. Cause me to focus in the areas that are key.

36. GossipTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, when my friends get together, it’s easy for us to start to talking about what is the latest news on so and so. Is dissing someone on campus a form of gossip? God, teach me what gossip really is and how it spreads among Christians, don’t let me be a part of it.

37. Quiet timesTop Rated Bookmark 
Dear Lord, I don’t want my prayer time with you to be the scraps that are left over from my day. My day is so full from morning until night, but my prayer time with you needs to be one of the highest priorities in my life. Give me insight into what is really important for me to keep in my schedule and what needs to go. Lord, show me how to prioritize my activities and agendas and rearrange my time, so that I have time to have daily QUALITY quiet times with you.

38. ForgivenessTop Rated Bookmark 
Father, your Word says in I John 1.9 that, ’’if we confess our sins, you are faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’’ Father, I have sinned because some of my prayers were for wrong motives or reasons or just plain self-centered prayers. Please forgive me and cleanse my heart from the self-centered ways and attitudes I pursue. I really do repent. Thank you for Your forgiveness. Starting today, may my prayers be acceptable in Your sight.

39. Scriptures
Lord, You showed the disciples how to pray, will you please show me how to pray according to Your Word? In Hebrews 4, the word is alive, sharp and exposes your thoughts and desires. Teach me to pray the kind of prayers that will be pleasing to you. And also help me to pray with right motives, instead of selfish motives. I want my prayers to be pleasing to you.

40. PraiseTop Rated Bookmark 
Father, You have written in Ps. 103 that I should praise you with my whole heart all the time but that’s so hard to do. Everything in my schedule tries to block me from you. Teach me how to praise you walking to class. Teach me how to praise you in class. Teach me how to praise you in the dining hall, at the rec center, in my dorm, everywhere I am. Make my life praise your name.

41. Wrong MotivesTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, I don’t want to pray with wrong motives. Reveal to me what is really in my heart when I pray. Don’t let Satan deceive me. Don’t let me deceive myself. Let the Holy Spirit shine on any hidden places in my heart, and prompt me to allow you to cleanse my heart of those places and then I will be free to pray to you with right motives.

42. BlessingTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, according to Psalm 128, a man can have blessings and prosperity, IF he fears you and walks in ways that please you. Give me a strong and healthy  respect for you. Let me walk in ways that please you and be thankful for your the blessings.

43. God’s KingdomTop Rated Bookmark 
Father, the prayers that Jesus prayed tell me I’m to be excited about your kingdom, your name, and your reputation. Sometimes I am. Many times I’m not. Help me to be excited about your kingdom coming here on this campus. Make me obey in every area of my life, so that Your kingdom can be seen in my own life as well. Make me a consistent witness for you, 24 hours a day.

44. Praying for Others
Lord, according to Philippians 1.9, the apostle Paul prayed that his friends’ love would overflow more and more and that they would keep growing in knowledge and understanding, so that they would be ready when Christ returns. I want to pray the same prayer for my friends. I want them to have the love of Christ flowing out of them. I pray that they will lives that bring honor to You and reflect Your kingdom. I pray that my friends will chose to keep growing in knowledge and understanding so that when You do return, they’ll be ready.

45. Praying in Jesus’ NameTop Rated Bookmark 
Dear Lord, when I am asking for something in Jesus’ name, I should be asking myself, ’’Is what I want consistent with Your character and Your overall plan for my life? What would You do in this situation? Is what I want Your will or just my will? Will this decision result in more glory to You or be for Your kingdom? Remind me to daily pray this way instead of my own way.

46. Purpose of Prayer
Father, thank you for showing me today that the purpose of my praying is not just to get what I want from you. I know I’m not to come to you with my shopping list and say, ’’ give me this, that and the other and then add ’’in Jesus name’’onto those prayers. Before I ask you for things, I should check the motive of my heart. Is this just for me, do these requests bring glory to you and give me joy?

47. StrengthTop Rated Bookmark 
Father, I confess I have been guilty of trying to live the Christian life in my own strength. I have not been depending on you for everything in my life, I choose today to walk in total dependence on you in my school life, at work , with my family, in all areas of my life.

48. Calling on the LordTop Rated Bookmark 
The psalmist says in Psalm 116, ’’I love the Lord, for he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.’’ Lord, I know I should be depending on your every day and calling you for help. Show me the areas in my life where I have not been depending on you. Cause me to let go of these areas and trust you in them.

49. BlessingsTop Rated Bookmark 
Father, I bless and honor you. Your name is to honored on every continent, in every country, and to every people group. I know that praying for my family, my friends, my church is not incorrect but it’s incomplete. Remind me to pray for others nations that might bring you their glory as well.

50. Friends
Jesus, you said in your word that You are my friend. I want this friendship to grow. I need to spend more time with You. I need to listen to you by reading Your word. I need to talk to you through prayer. I want to share my heart with you. Teach me how to have a better friendship with you, the Almighty God. Starting today, I want to be a better friend.