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Thank you for coming to the “Rate the Prayers” section. You will note that there are more prayer categories listed here than there are on the opening page. This is because there are more prayers that you can add to your iPod than simply those on the opening page. Please take time to listen to and rate them and download the additional prayers you think will be helpful to you!



Prayers Rating Listen
01. National Leaders
Father, I want to pray for the leaders of my nation. Make them delight in you and help them to trust in You to guide them. Help them to be in Your word. I pray that they will bless those around them. And God, keep them safe from harm and help them to serve You in everything they say and do.

02. Orphans
Lord I've heard that there are over 40 million orphans. I want to pray for them. Losing your parents would be so hard. Give them strength during these hard times. Give them opportunities and relationships that will help them become the person you want them to be. Help them to follow your plans for their life.

03. Widows
Lord Jesus, There are many people in our church and people in our neighborhoods who have lost their spouse. Help them to know that You care about them and that You are there with them every step of the way. And Keep our eyes open for opportunities to serve them.

04. Homeless
Lord, so many people end up on the streets with no where  to go. I can't imagine the emptiness and hopelessness they must feel. Open my eyes to see their needs, whether it's making a sandwich and feeding them, taking them cold drinks on a hot summer day, or simply just being a friend. Give them eyes to see that You still love them and that You still have a plan for them.

05. EvangelismTop Rated Bookmark 
God, you are most glorified when many people praise your name. Give me the strength to not be ashamed; to be bold and to talk to my friends at school about Jesus. I want to do my part, but I can’t do it alone. It's You who works through me.

06. Church Leadership
Father, I want to pray for the leaders of our church. Give them a heart of worship and a passion for Your word. Keep their marriages and families strong. Guide the leaders of our church for your glory.

07. Community Involvement
Father, We can be so focused on ourselves that we forget about the needs of those around us. Give us hearts for the other people  that need You. Give us eyes to see the widow who can't change a light bulb. Give us hands to reach out to a homeless person. Give us feet to go up and help someone who needs help. Give us ears to listen to the shut-ins who are lonely. Make our lives a reflection of You.

08. Faith
Jesus, make my faith in You strong. Wherever I am weak in my relationship with You, I ask You to grow me spiritually. Help me to have more faith and trust in You.

09. Courage to stand
Lord, in youth group we sing' "Jesus, lead on. I will follow." I sing that song, but some days you can not see that in my life. I'm sorry Lord, give me the courage to stand for You and to live for You every single day.

10. Purity
Lord, my thoughts today have been quite  yucky and worldly and I know that they are not pleasing to you. I confess that my heart is not pure. Your word in Ps. 119 says if I have your word in my heart, I will not sin against you. Help me hide your word in my heart and be obedient to your word so that I will have a pure heart.

11. My Mindset
God, I have been jealous of some of my friends because they have gotten some awesome video games, went on some really great vacations and have gotten some cool DVD’s that I have been waiting for some time to  watch. I know these things are distracting me from the real purpose you made me, which is to worship you, Lord. Help me to keep my mind on you and the things you are concerned about.

12. Respecting My Parents
God, cause me to be respectful to my parents. They have done so much for me and yet I don't always respect them. Help me to be obedient to them for that pleases You.

13. Friends
it seems like I have so few friends that I can really be myself with. It seems like when I'm with other friends who don't know you, I'm not myself. Please give me strength to live for you no matter who my friends are and no matter whom I'm with.

14. Hunger for God
Jesus, I know it is natural to be thinking about the opposite sex, but some days I am thinking about them more and more  and that is wrong. Give me a hunger for You so I am thinking more about you than anyone else.

15. Keep me pure
Lord, I am trusting that you have picked out the perfect person for me to marry. Give us both patience to wait for each other. Keep us both pure. And whatever happens, don't let either of us mess up your perfect plan.

16. All About You
Father, you should be the center of all my relationships, from friends to family. Help me to remember to pray with my friends. I want all my relationships to revolve around you.

17. Quiet Times
Lord, I know I need to be having regular quiet times. When I don't have my quiet times, I get distracted, grumpy and stressed out. Don't let  my daily activities  become more important than you. Help me remember to meet with you every day.

18. Playing Sports
Lord, I love to play sports. But God, sometimes I am more worried about how "I" perform, than about how my team performs. I confess that I am more focused on winning rather than focusing on pleasing you or playing for you. Forgive me when that happens and help me remember it's all about you.

19. All About YouTop Rated Bookmark 
Jesus I’m constantly thinking that my life that you  have made for  me is all about me. Help me to realize that it’s about You and I am here to glorify you and you only.

20. Prayer
Jesus, it pleases You when I pray everyday. Help me to pray no matter what the circumstances are because You are always with me.

21. Making You Happy
God please show me what gives You pleasure. I want to make You happy in everything I do.

22. Happiness
God help me to find my happiness only in You. Not in toys or games or friends, but in You.

23. Happiness
God don't allow what happens to me to decide whether or not I am going to be happy. Help me to always keep a good attitude. Make my joy come from You.

24. Trusting GodTop Rated Bookmark 
God I am seeing that there are smooth times and rough times in my life. Help me to see that You are always in control and You promise to "never stop doing what is good for me". I know I can put my trust in You. Thank you for being there for me.

25. Loving GodTop Rated Bookmark 
God, help me to love You with all my heart. Give me the desire to love You more than anything else.

26. Loving God
Father, cause me to love you with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength.

27. Encouraging OthersTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, help me speak words that encourage others rather then make them feel bad. I want to be an example of You.

28. Prayer
Lord You say in Matthew 5:23-25, that if I come to worship You and I have a problem with a friend or family member, that I need to get things right before I can meet with You. Please give me the courage to fix the problem.

29. Obey God
Father, You say in Galatians 6:1, if I see a friend that is not following Your ways, I can say something to them as long as it is done with a gentle and humble heart. I know it pleases You when we obey Your word.

30. Judging OthersTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, don't let me judge others by the way they look, or the way they talk, or act. Help me to love them as You love them.

31. Wisdom
Lord, give me Your wisdom, not the wisdom of man.  Your wisdom from above  is  pure and helps be peaceful , makes me gentle and keeps me humble; a wisdom that is full of mercy and good deeds and shows no favoritism and is always sincere. Give me your wisdom, not man's.

32. Giving Thanks
Lord, help me to obey your word by giving thanks in everything, even the hard times. It's so easy to want out of the hard times and to grumble about them. but I'm not suppose to. Keep me from grumbling before you. Let me always give you thanks for them.

33. Divorced ParentsTop Rated Bookmark 
God, my parents are divorced and it seems like they hate each other. My dad talks bad about my mom and my mom talks bad about my dad. It makes me feel sad, angry and hurt. And sometimes I think it is all my fault. I need your love, your help and your healing power. Show me how to honor and love both of my parents.

34. Love UnconditionallyTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, there are a lot of people at school or church that really bug me. I don't like to be around them. I want to be around the friends that I like. I know your word says to love everyone. Can you show me how to really do that the way Jesus loved his friends and his enemies?

35. SiblingsTop Rated Bookmark 
Father, I love my brothers and sisters, but at times I feel like I could kill them. They get into my stuff, they won't leave me alone, and they don't respect me. Cause my heart to change toward them. I want to love them like you love them. Jesus, make me be a better sibling to them.

36. AngerTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, at times I can get so angry. I think about yelling, but I know that is not right. In Ephesians 5, you said it was okay to be angry, but we shouldn't sin with our anger. Jesus, teach me the way to express and deal with my anger Your way, not my way.

37. Gossip
Lord, gossip is so hurtful. I know that when Christians gossip and spread rumors, it makes you look really bad. Help me to be a positive influence towards my friends about gossip and give me courage to stop others from are gossiping. Jesus, make my conversations honor You.

38. Holiness
Lord, Your word tells me that I am to be pure and holy. But it seems like a lot of movies and television shows I watch fills my head with negative and worldly "junk." Cause me to make wise choices of what I put before my eyes and what I listen to, so that I reflect your holiness.

39. Holiness
God, your Word tells me that my body is to be a holy temple for you. Keep my eyes from looking at wrong things. Keep my mind from impure thoughts. Keep my feet from going to places I should not go. I want to be an awesome, holy temple for you, Lord!

40. All About You
Lord, there are a lot of things about school or life that I like, but there are some parts that simply stink. I know I can have a bad attitude about a lot of this. It probably stinks because I am focusing too much on me and not so much on You. The truth is life is not about me. It's about You and Your glory. Cause me to view my life through Your glory.

41. FriendsTop Rated Bookmark 
God, I worry way too much about what people think of me. I worry about whether they like me, or if they think I'm cool or, will they want to hang out with me? You are the one who really determines who I am, not people. Keep me focused on You, rather than on what others are saying about me.

42. Self-Image
Lord, sometimes I don't like myself or am not confident with how You created me to be. Sometimes, I wish I was a different person. I wish I was  more outgoing, or taller, or shorter, fatter or skinnier. Yet Psalm 139 says that You made me exactly the way you wanted me to be. Cause me to accept Your truth and believe it, so that I may glorify you by being at peace with who I am.

43. Trusting You
God, It's scary to serve You when I don't always understand Your plan, especially when others make fun of me. Please help me to be brave. And help me to do what I know you want me to do, even if others are laughing at me.

44. Sadness and LossTop Rated Bookmark 
Jesus, my heart is hurting I lost someone very close to my heart.  I know that they are healed and sitting next to You.  But I miss them so much.  Please take the pain away from my heart and comfort me. Let me feel yourpeace as I sit on Your lap.  I'm glad that I can come to You and You will take care of me.  I know the pain won’t leave right away, but what I do know is You are here with me and care about my pain.

45. TeachersTop Rated Bookmark 
Father, thank You for the teachers You have given me. I have learned so much from them and they motivate me to do well in my classes. I pray that if their heart does not know You, they would give their life to You so they would know the joy You give.

46. Teachers
God, I have some teachers that I don't really care for. But I thank you for them anyway. Help me to respect them and be obedient. I want to be a light for You so that Your love would shine through me to my teacher.

47. Teachers
Jesus, I pray for my teachers. Give them wisdom and knowledge as they plan their classes and prepare for each student. Give them strength for the days that are tough and gratefulness for the easy days. May You be the one that receives all the Glory.

48. Confidence In You
Jesus, thank you for having a special purpose and plan for my life. Psalm 139 says, "I am not a mistake". Help me to remember that I am on this earth for a reason to glorify you. .

49. Alcoholism In My FamilyTop Rated Bookmark 
Jesus, My dad drinks all the time. It makes me sad and I don't want to be around him. I love him God, but I can't depend on him. I ask that You would help him to stop drinking. I want my daddy back.

50. Respecting My ParentsTop Rated Bookmark 
In Leviticus 19:3, it says, "Each of you must respect his mother and father." Help me Lord to have a high opinion of my parents and cause me to respect them everyday. When I act this way, I know it pleases You.