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Prayers for the World 
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The Buddhists
Father, we pray for the Buddhists scattered around the globe. It is the fourth major religion of the world, approximately 6% of the world’s population, with a little over 350 million people, yet they don’t believe in You or any God.

They simply believe that the circle of life and death continues on through reincarnation and that this life is simply full of suffering. Their goal is to try to eliminate that suffering from their lives by reaching a point of Nirvana where the “I” in them, (“I want this, I want that”) simply doesn’t exist any more because they have eliminated all desire for anything.

Lord, they don’t realize that they were created by you TO DESIRE, and that they are to desire YOU. They don’t know that you HAVE made them to have an individual identity and that you want that identity inseparably woven together with You. You do want their inner most being to be alive, and to radiate Life!

Don’t let their souls be destined for a deadness to You and everything around them. Bring forth from their souls rivers of living water that will flow out of them that they might shine and radiate your glory to anyone and everyone around them.

God, there are so few missionaries to tell them this good news. Please, raise up more missionaries. Put it on the hearts of children to grow up and go overseas to speak life into these people. Speak to adults that they might to give up their own goals and dreams and live for you.

Father, touch the lives of these precious Buddhist people who are created in Your image!

The Han people of China

Father, I want to pray for the Han of China. There are over 800 million of them. They are the largest ethnic group on the face on the earth. They are ruled by the Chinese government whose goal is to eliminate all religious groups. They use to be Buddhists, or Confusionists, or Doaists, but because of the Marxist’s Government overthrow in the 1950’s, most are now non religious… meaning they have no religion at all. They don’t believe in God nor do they have any desire to reach out and find you.

Lord, there are whole generations of children growing up far… far from you. And even though there has been a great pouring out of your Spirit in this country, there are still 100’s of millions of people who have never even heard the name Jesus.

Lord, I want to pray for the missionaries that are there. There are so few of them. They are not allowed in by the government, so they have gotten in by working various jobs or by starting business or by teaching in the Universities or by being students themselves. Father, bless their efforts. Keep them learning the language, help them to understand the culture, and give them wisdom in sharing your faith and let many churches be established through their efforts.

And for those Chinese who are already believers, give them a zeal to share your gospel with those who haven’t heard. Give them wisdom and creativity in getting your message out.

And Lord, the time is short. With their economy getting much stronger, Materialism is making its way into the hearts of the young people. They are going to be so consumed with video games and “things,” …that they aren’t going to want you, even if they are told about your love. Move mightily Lord NOW among the Han Chinese.

The Muslim World
Father, nearly one out of every five people on the face of the earth is a Muslim.  Although they began six hundred years after Christianity through their prophet Mohammed, they have rapidly grown and are growing at a rate where they will eventually surpass Christianity.  Islam is one of Satan’s greatest masterpieces. 

And Lord, their belief is so close to ours.   They believe in Jesus, believing him to being holy, believing Him to be a righteous man, even a prophet, but they don’t believe he was God or died on the cross for their sins.  They are so close, yet so far away.  They also don’t believe you to be a personal God or that You love them.  

And their goal is to make Islam the religion of the world.    They are already targeting Europe and America by pouring millions of dollars into these countries by building mosques in cities.  They are sending their own missionaries to these countries and they are hoping that these nations will embrace Islam as their true religion. 

And Lord, this is what terrorists are fighting for as well.  In the name of God they are killing others so Islam will grow and become the religion of the world.  Oh Lord, use the terrorists for your glory.  Cause many Muslims who are on the boarder of Islam and Christianity to look at the Terrorists and say, “If that is what Islam is all about, I want nothing to do with it…” and come to Christ. 

And Lord, please, please have the church ready to open their doors to Muslim converts.  Do a significant large work in the Muslim world.

The Nation of IndiaTop Rated Bookmark 

Lord, I want to pray for the nation of India and I want to specifically lift up the Hindus…80% of India’s population… over 800 million people who believe that there are millions of gods, that you can get to heave through any of them, and who believe in reincarnation.

Father, their thinking is so messed up. Open their eyes to see that there is only one God to please, YOU, not millions. And let them know that when they die, they won’t be born back into this world, as a prince or a king or a poor person or even an animal or a bug based on how good or bad they were in their previous life. Help them to know that once they die, then comes judgment from you… and they will either spend eternity with you or without you.

Father, they are so far from the truth, and there’s hardly anyone telling them otherwise. Raise up more believers who are committed to taking your good news to the Hindus. Since they can’t be official missionaries in the country, help them find creative ways to get into the country by starting business, or by getting jobs, or by being students. And once they are in, give them wisdom to learn how to share their faith so that multiple churches can be planted.

And Lord, bring revival to the Indian church already there that they might reach out to their neighboring Hindus. Help the believers located primarily in the south, to catch a vision for planting churches in their great nation of India!

The Nation of LibyaTop Rated Bookmark 

Father, I want to pray for the Muslims of Libya. Libya is one of the hardest countries on the face of the earth to reach for the gospel. There are over 6 billion people who are clueless to the fact that you are a God of love, and that you came to this earth to set them free from their sins. And in the country, there is no known Libyan convert church, “0” none, few Muslim convert Libyan believers, and so few missionaries. Lord, how are they going to hear unless someone tells them?

Raise up new believers to go and find jobs in the country so they can share their faith. Cause those Christians who are already there primarily to make money, to now have a heart to be there to primarily share the gospel.

And as your Word is spread, break the Grip of Islam in Libya. Open their hearts to your love. Plant multiple indigenous churches all throughout that country in cities like Tripoli, the capital, in Benghazi, in Darna, in Tobruk…. so Libyan Muslims can have at least one opportunity to say “yes” or “no” to you.

Father, it is like an entire nations is headed to a Christless eternity and so few care about it. Please change that.

The Persecuted Church

Lord, there are many brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer, just for being Christians.  They live in countries which are against Christianity or they simply live among people who hate Christians and who will do anything they can to hurt them. 

It is estimated that as many as one out of every four true believers suffer from MILD forms of persecution such as discrimination, job loss and isolation.  And another one out of every four true believers suffer from SEVERE persecution such as forced homelessness, imprisonment, torture or even execution.

Father, That’s up to half of all true believers in the world.  Your church is taking a beating.  And they guess that up to 170,000 believers each year are killed for being Christians.  And that there were more martyrs in the 20th century than in all centuries combined.  Lord, it’s getting worse, Yet Your church keeps on growing and spreading around the world.

In Hebrews chapter 13 verse 3 you say, “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.”

I pray for those in prison, that they would be like the Apostle Paul, who was in chains, but was singing for joy while in Jail because he loved you.  I ask that you would protect them from beatings and persecution and that Like Peter, you would supernaturally free them form Prison.

I pray for those who are being mistreated, that they would not focus on what they have lost, but that they would look forward to the eternal rewards that will be theirs as they loose what was theirs and that they would gladly accept what is happening.  At the same time I pray for their protection and for a change of heart in those who are inflicting this persecution.

And Lord, I want to pray for some of the worst offenders, Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and Indonesia, Communist countries like China and North Korea: cause the governments of these countries to realize that Christianity is not going to hurt their nation, but help it as they follow your word.

The Sundanese of IndonesiaTop Rated Bookmark 

Father, I want to pray for the Sundanese of Indonesia. They are the largest unreached Muslim people group in the world. There are over 29 million of them who are locked into the religion of Islam and who basically believe they can work their way to heaven by being good.

Jesus, when the Dutch ruled over their land hundreds of years ago, they mistreated the Sundanese people and stripped their land of rich resources, leaving the Sundanese poor. Yet, they called themselves “Christians”. As a result, they are so resistant to the Gospel today.

To the average Sunda, “To be Sundanese is to be a Muslim.” For them to even think about becoming a Christian is like one of us thinking of having a sex change. We would think, “Thanks ridiculous.” But that’s exactly what it is like for them. The average Sundanese would NEVER think about becoming a Christian.

Oh Father, how can they come to know you when the POSSIBILITY of knowing you is so foreign to them?

I ask that you would raise up more missionaries who would go there and who would show them what true Christianity is really all about. And allow the Sundanese to see your glory through them so they would say, “Hey, that’s exactly what I want!” and that multiple churches would be planted for all the Sundanese to have an opportunity to say “yes” to You.

The United States of America
Father, the three countries in the world that have the largest number of non believing people are China, India and Indonesia.  The fourth country Lord, is the United States of America.  There are more unreached people in the U.S.  than just about every other country in the world.  And yet we are suppose to be a “Christian nation.”

Oh Lord, we are so far from being Christian.  Researchers tell us that of the top ten things that influence the culture of America, the church isn’t even one of them.  We are so minimal in our impact on this nation.

And although there are unreached people all throughout the United States, the majority who don’t believe are in the West.  Las Vegas is only 5% Christian. One pastor there met an American woman who had been born here, lived in the States her whole life, went to college here, and only after graduating and meeting with him did she ever hear that Easter was about Jesus.  She had never heard.

God, as many people say, “We, your church in America, are asleep in the light.”  We have been so well fed that we are fat and sluggish.  We are 3,000 miles wide, but a half inch deep. We have so fallen in love with things that materials permeates our church.  Non Christians give away 2.8 percent of their income to various groups while Christians on average tithe 2.6 percent.  Lord, non-Christians give more money away than Christians do.  And we are so worried about ourselves and not your glory that we have the same divorce rate as non believers.

Oh father, I beg of you, forgive us and revive the church.  Help us to realize that life is not about us.  It is about You and revealing Your glory.    Cause us to live for You, and not for us.

The Unreached People of the World
Oh God, this in this 21st Century, yet even today, 25% of the world’s population doesn’t even have their first chance to say yes or no to you.  They’ve never heard of the name Jesus in the correct way.  They can not go to anyone who speaks their same language, who lives near them, who is enough like them, to find out about you.  Lord, that’s one to of every four people.  They are in totally unreached groups of People.

You gave Your Church the Great Commission over 2,000 years ago, yet we, the Church, still haven’t even touched _ of the world, and to make it even worse, there is another 40 % who are Muslims, or Buddhists, or Hindus or Chinese or Tribal groups who have never heard …even though they are within reach of the church.  The church just hasn’t gone to them.

Oh Father, my prayer is for the Church around the globe.  She will be your Bride for all of eternity.  Wake her up out of her sleep… out of her materialism.  Cause her to realize that the goal of this life is not to have a safe, soft comfortable life with lots of “things”, but rather to glorify you by delighting in You and by taking your good news to the ends of the earth.  Awaken the Church to the Great Commission.

Those Playing Games with GodTop Rated Bookmark 

Lord, approximately 1/3 of the world believes in Christ as being the son of God and dying on the cross.  But, about 2/3’rds OF THOSE really don’t know you personally even though they call themselves Christians.  They might go to church on a regular basis, they might even teach Sunday School, maybe they only to go church once a year, but Lord, whatever they do, they have never really given their lives totally to you.   They are from every denomination Christianity has to offer, yet they are playing games with you.  They are so far from a personal relationship with You. 

Father, I want to pray for these people.  I ask that your loving Spirit would convict them of their sin.  Help them to see that they are really trusting in themselves in a Christian context, that their God is maybe their job, maybe their family, maybe sports, maybe “things” …but they have never really trusted you, nor delighted in you.  Bring someone into their lives so that they look at a true believer and say, “Wow, I want what that person has.” 

Lord, Do anything to get their attention Lord: Bring a huge loss to their lives, maybe You’d want them to lose their job or have a financial crisis, maybe it will be through someone’s death or maybe you’re just going to open their eyes through the reading of your Word…  

Do whatever it takes to get them to fully and wholeheartedly delighting in you, yielding to you and following after you.