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Thank you for coming to the “Rate the Prayers” section. You will note that there are more prayer categories listed here than there are on the opening page. This is because there are more prayers that you can add to your iPod than simply those on the opening page. Please take time to listen to and rate them and download the additional prayers you think will be helpful to you!



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01. LordshipTop Rated Bookmark 
Like a child who has a pencil in between his fingers and he snaps it down on his leg to break the pencil in two, so too break me, Oh God. Break my pride, break my will, break anything that’s keeping me from knowing you, enjoying you, and radiating your glory through me.

02. Wise Perspective
Father, cause me to live with an eternal perspective. Help me to make my decisions, my choices, my actions thinking about eternity, not thinking abut the short years I have here on this earth. Give me an eternal perspective in everything I do.

03. Wise PerspectiveTop Rated Bookmark 
Don’t ever let me be fooled into thinking that this life is mine or about me. You have bought my life with your blood. I am no longer mine. I am yours.You also created everything. Everything was created by you and for you, not me. Don’t let me live this life as if it’s mine, as if is about me. Cause me to live for you and for your glory.

04. PerseveranceTop Rated Bookmark 
Don’t let me give up in praying. Like the woman who comes before the unrighteous judge in Luke chapter 18, let me to come before you again and again. Even though I may not see it now, even though I may not see my prayers answered quickly, help me to keep coming before praying, trusting you, believing you, that I will get it. Even if the answer to this prayer happens beyond my lifetime, I still want to come before you again and again and again. Don’t let me give up in prayer.

05. Your First LoveTop Rated Bookmark 
Oh, Father I cry out to you like Moses “let me see your glory.” I want to know you, I want to be satisfied in you, and if there are things and people which satisfy me more than you, I give you permission to take them out of my life. I want nothing to replace you as my greatest joy, as my greatest delight. Reveal your glory to me; let me see you and know you and be satisfied in you.

06. Delighting in GodTop Rated Bookmark 
Cause my greatest joy to be in You and You alone. Not in things. Not in other people. Not in my accomplishments. But in You.

07. JoyTop Rated Bookmark 
Don’t allow my circumstances to determine whether I’m going to be happy or not. Let my happiness be in you, and allow that to shape how I respond to my circumstances.

08. Your Past
Don’t allow my past to determine my future. Yes, wrong things were done to me. Yes I’ve been hurt deeply. But those don’t shape me. What shapes me is your Holy Spirit living in me and directing me through your Word.

09. God's Blessing
I ask you to bless me. I ask you to bless me financially. I ask you to bless my family. I ask you to bless my marriage. I ask you to bless my work. But as you bless me, I also pray that you would keep my eyes focused on you, more than on the blessings. It is so easy to seek the blessings more than I seek you. Don’t let me fall into that trap. As you bless me, keep my eyes focused on you.

10. God's blessing
Help me to survive the blessings. Don’t let the blessing run my life or determine what I do or say. Help me to say “no” to your blessings if I can shine your glory in a greater way.

11. Wise PerspectiveTop Rated Bookmark 
Father, help me to realize that my goal in life is not to get from birth to death in the safest, softest happiest, easiest fashion possible. My goal is to glorify you by rejoicing in you and by reaching out to my neighbors and to the nations. Don’t let the great American Dream become my god.

12. CircumstancesTop Rated Bookmark 
When the tough times come into my life, help me to realize that you are completely in control and that your promise to “never stop doing good to me” applies during the tough times as well as during the easy times. Don’t let me ever doubt Your commitment to me during the rough times.

13. Spiritual growthTop Rated Bookmark 
Father, when the tough times come, you many times are doing something to test me and refine me. Its easy to want out of those tough time quickly, but I pray to You now and say, “Don’t take the tough times away until your purpose for that hard circumstance has been accomplished in my life.” I don’t ever want to shy away from what you are doing in me and through me.

14. HolinessTop Rated Bookmark 
Keep me holy. Don’t let me accept anything less in my life. Every look of my eyes, every thought in my mind be taken captive in Christ for your glory.

15. Spiritual growth
Father, you tested your chosen people Israel time and time again. Since you are the same in the New Testament as well as in the Old Testament, it would seem reasonable that you are going to be testing believers today. If you test me, cause me to come through your testing victoriously

16. Loving GodTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, even though I may be serving you in such a way that is very costly to me, and I may look very righteous in other’s eyes, and I hate that which is evil, I can still lose you as my first love. Don’t ever let serving you become a higher priority over loving you.

17. Holiness
Help me to be more concerned about being holy than doing that holy things.

18. Glory to GodTop Rated Bookmark 
God, you must become greater and greater, I must become less and less.

19. Dependence on GodTop Rated Bookmark 
God, according to your word, my heart is desperately sick and wicked. Left by myself, I can not do anything, I can’t even love you. I call upon you now, cause me to love you. I can’t do it on my own. Lord, give me  a heart and desire for you that my love for you would be far greater than my love for anyone or anything else.

20. God's WordTop Rated Bookmark 

Like a pirate who searches for hidden treasure, cause me to hunger and thirst for your word. Don't let me waste time in worldly things when I could be growing deep roots in your truth. Keep me in your word.

21. Wise PerspectiveTop Rated Bookmark 
Guard my heart, Lord. It is so easy to fool myself into thinking that my attitudes, motivations, and responses to the circumstances given to me are pleasing to you when in reality they might not be. Don’t let me fool myself, make sure I see things from a biblical perspective, not simply a  this looks good to me perspective. Protect me from Satan’s lies and attacks.

22. Loving GodTop Rated Bookmark 
Cause me to love you with all of my heart, all of my soul, all of my mind, and all of my strength.

23. Glory to GodTop Rated Bookmark 
Make my life supernatural. I don't want anyone to be able to explain my life away because then I would get the glory. I don't want the glory, I don't deserve the glory. I want it all to go to You. Make my life supernatural so nobody can explain it.

24. God's KingdomTop Rated Bookmark 
During my prayer time, help me to see the difference between my kingdom and your kingdom. This life is not about me. Cause my prayers to be primarily focused on advancing your kingdom. In all of my prayers, to you be the glory.

25. Servant attitude
Give me a servant attitude. Teach me to serve others, whether it be my family, my parents, anyone that I run across during the day. Don’t let me expect them to serve me. Give me an attitude of serving them.

26. My SpeechTop Rated Bookmark 
Take control of what I say, O LORD, and guard my lips. Let no unwholesome word come out of my mouth, but help me to say only things which encourage those around me.

27. Conviction of SinTop Rated Bookmark 
According to Matthew 5: 23-25, don't ever let me come before you in a quiet time if I know someone has something against me. Convict me to stop whatever I'm doing and go and make it right with that person before I come back to meeting with you.

28. Confronting SinTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, if I see someone in sin, help me to gently correct them according to Galatians 6:1. Don't let me do it in arrogance. Don't let me do it harshly. Let me do it humbly, because without your Spirit, I could be in that same situation just as easily.

29. No Judging
Don't let me judge others Lord, whether by their appearance, or by their words or by their actions. Help me to see the sin in my own life before I challenge others about the sin in their lives.

30. WisdomTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, give me Your wisdom, not man's wisdom. Your wisdom from above that is first of all pure and also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others. A wisdom that is full of mercy and good deeds and shows no favoritism and is always sincere. Give me your wisdom, not man's.

31.Giving thanksTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, help me to obey your word by giving thanks in everything, even in the hard times. It’s so easy to want out of the hard times and to grumble about them, but I’m not supposed to grumble, I’m supposed to give thanks. Keep me from grumbling about my circumstances before you, like the Israelites did  time and time again. Help me to learn that. Let always give thanks to you in all circumstances.

32. Walking By FaithTop Rated Bookmark 
Father, teach me to walk by faith and not by sight. Don’t let my circumstances determine which way I go or what I do, help me to see what your word says and obey it, no matter what the world or others may be saying.

33. Fearing God
Cause me to fear you in a healthy way. I love calling you my father, my dad, my papa, but at the same time, I need to realize that your personal love for me needs to be mixed with a healthy fear that you are the Almighty God who created all things and holds all things together and that you demand holiness, righteousness and justice in everything I do and in all that I am. Cause me to fear you in a healthy way.

34. Forgiveness
Father, help me to forgive myself when I have failed you or others. Thank you that my sin is separated as far as the east is from the west. Since you have forgiven me, give me grace to forgive myself.

35. Wise Perspective
Father, you are not my staff that you should serve me. You are not a celestial Santa Clause who will grant my every wish. Your sovereignty is not designed to make my life easier, not to make me famous . You are the Almighty God who seeks to reveal your glory in wonderful, marvelous, awesome ways. Give me a heart to be your servant, to seek to do your will, to live passionately for Your glory, to make your famous, even if it costs me my life. If you want to bless me with an easy comfortable life, that's fine. But that is not my goal. My goal is to glorify your name, to make you famous.

36. God's Word
Father, my theology may not be incorrect, but it may be grossly incomplete. Give me eyes to see things in your word which I may have overlooked or which I may not have been taught so that I might have a complete and full understanding of what You are doing here on this earth and how you are living to reveal your glory through everything.

37. Finishing WellTop Rated Bookmark 
By Your grace, cause me to live a life worthy of you so that when I go and stand before you on judgment day I may hear the words, 'Well done good and faithful servant.

38. Living for God
Lord, if I see a brother who is in sin, according to Matthew chapter 18:15-17, I need to go to that person privatelt and talk to them about it. If they won’t listen, I need to go to them again with one or two others. If they still won’t listen, I need to bring it before the church. Don’t let me avoid this passage, nor leave any one of the steps out.. Make me be obedient to the steps you have ordained to bring healing to a person who has sinned.

39. EvangelismTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, cause me to be sharing my faith with those you bring into my life. Help me to see them as hungry and wanting to hear, not closed or disinterested. And give me insight into what words will cause them to be hungry for more of you.

40. Wise PerspectiveTop Rated Bookmark 
Lord, I do not want to live for myself; I want to live for Your Glory. I completely yield to you. Bless me with all things or give me nothing. Honor me before others or bring me low. Bless me with comfort or appoint me to suffer. Give me work or keep me unemployed. Send me overseas or keep me home. Shatter any dream that I have that is not yours. I freely and wholeheartedly yield all things to your pleasure and disposal. All I ask is that I delight in You!

41. Spiritual growth
It is so easy to focus on 'personal application' as I study your word. I am constantly asking, 'What do I get out of this?' "What's in this for me?" Although that is not incorrect, let me also be asking, 'What do You get out of this? What are your dreams? What are you trying to accomplish' and slowly, but lovingly, take me away a people-centered, self-centered understanding of your word.

42. Loving God
Lord, I always have a tendency to ask, 'What can you do for me.' My prayers can have a lot of 'me,' 'my,' and 'I's' in them. Although they're not wrong, don't let them dominate my prayer life. Let me also be asking the question, 'What can I do for you? How can I serve you? What can I do to make You more known?'

43. Spiritual growthTop Rated Bookmark 
Whenever I read the Bible, I have a tendency to always relate to the major character in the stories in the Bible I read, I never relate to the minor characters. I always want to relate to Job, not Job's kids. I want to be like King David, not David's fighting men who died to make him king. I want to relate to the generation that got Free from Egyptian slavery, I never want to relate to the other generations of people who were born in slavery, lived in Slavery and died in slavery. God, I always seem to want to be in a position of living a life that is safe, soft, easy and comfortable. Break me of this habit. Help me to see that you loved all the people in Your word equally and yet sometimes their role in revealing your glory is harder than others, and help me be OK with that and be open to living that out in my own life.

44. Global Evangelism
Father, one of the lessons you teach in your word over and over is to be kind to the alien living among you. Give me a heart for the internationals that live and work around me. Show me how to love them, give me opportunities to have them over to my house for a meal and show me how I can shine as a light in their lives that they might see you and hopefully come to know you.

45. Global Evangelism

In Acts 1:8, you didn’t say, “You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, or Judea, or Samaria or the remotest parts of the earth” as if I had a choice. Nor did you say, “You shall me my witnesses first in Jerusalem, then in Judea, the Samaria, and then the remotest parts of the earth.” As If I should gradually grow into it. You said, “Both Jerusalem, and Judea and Samaria and the remotest parts of the earth.” Help me to see how my life can impact, not only those immediately around me, but the nations as well. Show me how I can support others going short term or long term. Show me what I am to do to impact people not only here where I live, not only in cultures that are nearby, but in all peoples on the face of the earth. Show me what people group I can have an impact on.

46. Dying to Self
You are giving me a generous salary compared to the rest of the world. Sometimes I have a tendency to think that it is mine, and I should give you some of it back. But how wrong it is to think that way. Help me to realize that, in reality, it is all yours. Not only all my money, but everything that I have and own. Help me to be a good steward of that which you have given to me. Let me lend my things freely to those in need and in light of my finances, help me increase my tithing to you each year until I hit a plateau of some outrageous percentage that pleases you greatly.

47. Help Me Understand
Exodus 34:14, you say, "You, the Lord, whose name is jealous, is a jealous God.” Lord, what does that mean? That sounds scary. But it is there. I just can’t ignore it. Help me to understand what it means for you to be a jealous God.

48. Dying to Self
Lord, it is so easy for me to only study passages that make me feel good, and to skip over passages that I either don’t understand or won’t make me feel good. I don’t want to keep doing that. Show me what it means in 1 Peter 2:20 and 21that I have been called to suffer like Christ. Teach me what 2 Timothy 3:12 says that “All who desire to live godly lives will be persecuted.” Give me a heart like the Apostle Paul to join Christ in the fellowship of his sufferings. Don’t let me run away from tough passages.

49. Spiritual growthTop Rated Bookmark 
In 1 Peter 1: 6 and 7, you say that the testing of our faith should be more precious to us than gold or silver. Oh Father, that is not the way I want to naturally think. I'd rather have lots of money than worry about being holy and being a person of integrity and character. Please do bring me to the point where, my faith and who I am, is far more valuable and important to me than how much I own. He who dies with the most toys does NOT win in the end. He who is the most like Christ does.

50. God's TestingTop Rated Bookmark 
In 1 Peter 4:12-16 you say that we are going to be tested through a 'fiery ordeal' and that we should not be surprised by it. God, help me to pass the test you are giving me. Don't let me fail. Keep my faith strong, and my eyes on you, delighting in you. Don't let me yield to temptation or be choked out by the riches or worries of this world.

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